Appraisal Services:
Personal Property Appraisals:
    Personal property appraisals are performed at an hourly rate, providing a Certified Appraisal Report prepared in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), Standards 7 and 8.  The certified report which we prepare includes an appendix section with digital photos, descriptions and well-researched values of the items designated to be appraised.

     Most appraisals are used in probate cases, divorce cases and for insurance purposes, but occasionally individuals want to have an appraisal of their valuable items for personal reasons.  We usually do not do appraisals of just a few items because it is not cost-effective for us or for the client.

Certified Inventories:
     Certified Inventory Reports can be effective in divorce cases and are used to document and authenticate the items in the possession of one or both parties and may be requested by the attorneys and/or the judge.

     These certified inventories, like an appraisal report, contain an appendix with photos and descriptions but do not contain values.  This differs from an appraisal report, of course, by virtue of not using values and thus eliminating the need for research and can therefore cost the client(s) much less than an appraisal.

Special Requests and Appointments:
     Occasionally the request for either an appraisal or a certified inventory may be as a judicial appointment to be either a Rule 11-706 Expert or to be a Special Master in a particular case.  I have done a number of both of these.

     I successfully completed a personal property appraisal certification program with the Certified Appraisers Guild in 1997 and have been a member in good standing for 17 years.  My reports are prepared in accordance with the Standard Practices of the Appraisers Guild and also, as mentioned above, within the guidelines of the USPAP, Standards 7 and 8.

     I also achieved a certification by the Asheford Institute of Antiques in 2003, which is an 11 volume course, and I received a diploma with recognition as a Competent Appraiser.

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